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Techniki Wytwarzania i Procesy Technologiczne Nr 1/2019 - Dobór parametrów toczenia

INDTE Nr 1/2019 (21) Selection of turning parameters

The new PDF file with the article “Selection of turning parameters” is a significant extension of the post on the vortal. It contains not only the information contained in the post on the vortal: Turning parameters – selection of machining parameters:

  • turning parameters (cutting speed, feed, depth of cut),
  • information about conventional lathes,
  • algorithm for selecting turning parameters,
  • types of materials machined according to ISO,
  • types of machining (roughing, shaping, finishing);
  • basic information about machining conditions, including suggested machining parameters;

but additionally also:

  • basic information on main machine time and rules for its determination,
  • table with values of Renard R20 series,
  • determination of cutting power and verification of drive capacity of a specific lathe,
  • necessary material tables with data for determining the cutting power,
  • example of machining parameters selection for a given straitght turning.

Such a significant extension of the content in the PDF file is its usefulness as it allows not only to select the machining parameters but also to get to know the basic knowledge about the turning parameters.

Available versions of the PDF file:

  • Version A1 – the ability to view and print in low quality – price: 5,50 EURO
  • Version B1 – the possibility of viewing only on the screen – price: 4,00 EURO


  • The price is gross and includes 23% VAT.
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